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The Java User Group Stuttgart (JUGS) is one of the most active ones in Europe. It was established in March 1997 as an independent, non-profit organization and today has more than 360 members, most of whom are IT professionals.

We aim to provide a forum to practitioners and other people interested in Java in which to exchange information and experiences as well as to facilitate contacts to innovative businesses in the region. We have regular meetings with talks and discussions at Hohenheim University, occasionally bigger events on current OO technology (e.g. with Kent Beck und Peter Coad) and since 1998 the Java Forum Stuttgart.

Our annual highlight is the Java Forum Stuttgart (JFS), which we organize since 1998. This full-day conference offers a wide range of presentations and exhibits on current Java technology. The combination of technically-oriented talks, case studies and product presentations has proven very popular. In addition, the conference takes place in a unique setting and boasts excellent catering as well as an evening of first-class entertainment. The facts of the JFS 2007 conference - 1100 visitors, 49 talks and 41 stalls ('standlets') - demonstrate its relevance far beyond the region.