Putting the View of MVC into a Spring Bean with htmx

Thomas Schühly

To solve the overly complicated web application architecture of the present-day we need to look back in time to the early days of the web and ask, did we take a false turn?
Web development is slower than ever before! The popular front-end JavaScript frameworks increase the complexity to our web applications drastically.
htmx simplifies creating interactive web apps by completing HTML as a hypermedia.
You will learn how to create server-rendered web applications leveraging htmx and a component-based approach.
With Spring ViewComponent, you can create typesafe UI components and use dependency injection to build your web frontend.
Alpine.js is a simple JavaScript library that helps to make our web pages interactive. You can define behavior in HTML, without needing a full single-page application.

Join me on this journey into this new era of modern web development on the JVM and I will show you how to build bootiful web applications faster than ever before.
Prepare to experience the joy of full-stack web development again!

Thomas Schühly’s server-side rendering journey started as a developer trying to make life easier while developing his first bootstrapped product in his free time.
Creating Spring ViewComponent enabled him to be the youngest Speaker at the largest European Spring conference while also enabling him to build awesome software full-time with his open-source library.

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